Consign Your RV

It costs you nothing to take advantage of our natural flow of traffic looking for your camper van. We also offer RV insurance, financing, extended warranties, detailing, and service. This can provide you peace of mind knowing that professionals are doing everything they can to sell your unit. You don't have to worry about advertising or inviting strangers to your house to see your vehicle, or meeting them at a strange location.

We charge you absolutely nothing, you set your price and we make our money on the ancillary business like service work, warranties, financing and so on. We call you with any offers, so you stay in control of the transaction. We may already have a buyer for your unit.

The right asking price for your Consignment Unit is critical for you to get the top dollar for your vehicle. We use prices of previously sold units, blue books, and experienced appraisers to make sure your vehicle is priced to your best advantage. We will let you know if your price is reasonable and attainable.

With more than 90 percent of our business coming from word-of-mouth and repeat business, we know the importance of our friendly, intimate, family-oriented organization. We plan to keep it that way. Letters from satisfied RV owners line our offices with such comments as:

"... didn't try to talk us into something we didn't want..."

"... treated us like royalty . . . everyone of you has gone out of your way to be of service...."

"You guys are the best sales operation of any kind that I have dealt with...."

The benefit for you to consign the unit with us, is that we're open 7 days a week, and a crew of professional sales people representing your vehicle. We ask that you give us at least 90 days. If it doesn't sell, during that time we can determine what objections customers may be having, and make a decision to fix them or not.

Stop in on Monday-Saturday, 9 to 5 MST or Sunday, 11 to 5 MST or give us a call at 505-268-5009.