4 Reasons Pleasure-Way RVs Are a Smart Choice

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Here at Vantastic Vans we’re committed to providing the largest selection and highest quality small RVs to our customers. We stock only the most trusted brands and are proud to stand behind every RV we offer. One of the most popular manufacturer’s we carry is Pleasure-Way. Pleasure-Way designs RVs with you in mind. They don’t mass produce and instead choose to put in over 400 man hours of work to ensure optimal fit, quality, and finish. Just to prove their commitment to quality Pleasure-Way backs every RV with a 5 year Freedom Warranty, the best in the industry. Looking for a few more reasons to consider this trusted manufacturer? Read on.


To understand what sets the construction of Pleasure-Way RVs apart from the competition you have to understand what the competition does. On average they’ll have a motorhome assembled and ready to paint in 2.5 days. Pleasure-Way spends over 50 hours in construction on each unit. They precisely measure, weld and cut each component and delicately put it together to ensure nothing is overlooked.


Instead of just one quality control check, Pleasure-Way RVs go through several. After each construction phase the person who worked on the RV goes through a detailed checklist to ensure a truly high quality job has been completed. Every team member is accountable for their work. At the end of construction a final test drive is done to ensure the coach handles perfectly before it is delivered on a flat bed truck to the dealership.

Custom Cabinetry

Check out any other RV and you’ll notice many come with sub-par cabinetry. This isn’t the case with Pleasure-Way. One of their trademarks is the gorgeous, hand-crafted cabinetry you will find in every unit. Pleasure-Way has a saw mill on site that allows them to turn raw maple into high end cabinetry. It takes on average 22 hours to create a set of cabinets for a coach.

Stall Installation

Pleasure-Way motorhomes are hand crafted. Unlike other RVs built on assembly lines, these RVs a put together by a team with genuine interest in giving you the highest quality RV possible. Their unique custom cabinetry means you won’t need to worry about finding and hiding gaps behind cabinets and you will NEVER find the use of staples to put together your RV.

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