Our Top 4 Games to Play While Traveling

Road trips in your new or used RV can be fun and exciting, but it’s all too easy for the little ones to get bored. You don’t have to turn to endless hours of screen time to keep them entertained and occupied. Instead, think back on memories of your own childhood and how you passed the time, and turn to some of our favorite games to play while traveling to build lasting memories. Here are some of our favorites, for young and old alike!

For Young Children

Alphabet Game

This is a classic! Start with the beginning of the alphabet and look for words on signs that begin with the letter A. Then turn to B, and so on. Easy variations you can make to accommodate younger children would be to spy the specific letter anywhere in a sign or license plate and not just at the beginning of a word. Or make letters like Q and Z “wild” so you can count them any time they’re spotted.


Yellow Sign

Super simple, the game Banana is fun for everyone from preschoolers on up. Look for yellow signs, cars, bumper stickers, or license plates and call out “Banana!” Earn a point for each one you call. Change it up with different fruits and corresponding colors.


For Older Kids


Start by stating your travel destination. Maybe you’re headed to some great National Parks in Wyoming. “Wyoming” is your starting word. Going in a circle, other players list a word that begins with the last letter of the preceding word. Wyoming ends with G, so the next destination should begin with G, such as Georgia or Galveston. Feel free to play using either states, cities, sight seeing destinations, or whatever you want!


For Teens and Adults

My Cows

Got a competitive streak? You’ll want to play My Cows! This is one of the best games to play while traveling if you like to carry a competitive edge into your games and get the family interaction at an all time high.


Here’s how you play:

Whenever you see a cow, a few cows, or a field full of cows, say, “My cows!” Whoever says it first gets one cow. Yes, that’s correct, one thousand cows count as one if they’re in a single sighting.

If you pass a cemetery, whoever sees it and shouts, “Bury your cows!” inherits all the cows of another player. If there are only two people in the RV, it’s pretty easy; you just accumulate the number the other person had. But if there are several people playing, you get to pick whose cows you steal. So whether you pick because someone else has the most cows or you’re picking in retribution because they’ve taken yours, there are different strategies to consider.

If you pass a church, shout, “Marry my cows!” Your number of cows doubles instantly.


What are some of your favorite games to play while traveling? If the idea of long road trips with your kids is a little on the daunting side, contact us today. We can help you choose the perfect new or used RV to suit your family needs so your vacation is as fun and carefree as possible!

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