RV Buyer’s Resources: Tips Before You Buy a New or Used RV!

We’ve assembled a helpful list of buyer’s resources if you’re considering buying a camper van or small RV. Making the decision to buy a new or used RV isn’t a decision you should take lightly, so these RV buyer’s resources can help assist you in making a purchase decision you’ll love for years to come. Got questions? We’ve got answers!
Buyer's Resources

Our Guarantee

We want you to buy confidently with no regrets and no surprises – so we promise when your new or used RV is delivered, it’s exactly the way we’ve described, or the deal is off. Guaranteed. This guarantee alone allows you to buy with peace of mind.

Top Reasons to Buy from Vantastic Vans

We have an enormous selection of new and used Class B RVs for sale, and at affordable prices. We want you to keep saving money while you’re on the road, which is one reason we specialize in Class B RVs. They maintain excellent gas mileage, which is one way to save a significant amount on your vacation expenses! Want to check out our top reasons to buy from Vantastic Vans, from positive customer experiences to our Fly & Drive Program? Learn more here.

Buy Sight Unseen – And Safely

We know that in these uncertain times, heading out shopping isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. But we are so confident in our full disclosure of every unit in our inventory that we know you can shop online and be 110% confident in your purchase. Here’s how we make the online RV shopping easier for you:

  • Full details, descriptions, and loads of photos for every RV in our inventory
  • Want more photos? Just ask!
  • Every vehicle, system, and appliance inspected and checked to make sure it’s functional and operational
  • We’ll even fly you to our dealership to pick up your RV to drive home!
  • Still uncertain? Our Guarantee fully protects you.

Check Out Our Full RV Buyer’s Resources

We have plenty of RV buyer’s resources that help make sense of the RV buying process, and we’re committed to making your RV buying experience as easy and smooth as possible! We’d love to help you shop for a new or used Class B RV today, or answer any questions you might have. Contact us today!

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