We Buy and Consign RVs

Vantastic vans RV consignment

Are you looking to sell your RV, but not quite sure where to start. Does the idea of having to market your RV, meet potential buyers and deal with paperwork sound unappealing? Worry no more. Here at Vantastic Vans we take the pain out of selling your RV. In fact, we both buy RVs and offer RV consignment.

When we purchase an RV we use it as a part of our used RVs inventory. But consigning your RV is a little different.

When  you consign your RV you set the price that you would like it sold for, then hand it over to us (we take care of paperwork), for at least 90 days. During this time our team will work to sell and market your RV to our customers. We can even finance your RV for a buyer, which oftentimes makes it easier to sell.  If, after 90 days your RV hasn’t sold, we can help you pinpoint the issues that might be inhibiting a sale and you can decide whether to fix them or not.

In addition to getting our experienced sales team on your side, you also get to take advantage of our natural flow of traffic and our RV insurance, financing, extended warranties, detailing, and service.

Get in touch with our experienced team to learn more about RV consignment or stop by. We are proud to serve customers from around the country and even more proud to say that majority of our business comes from word of mouth.

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